Sports Achivements

Som Gurukul have many proud moments in the past like being CBSE Champions in Hockey and other sports. Many of our students won medals for Haryana in the National School games in the last 8 years. We may expect a few of our boys and girls would be representing the country. Our sports academics are working very hard in this direction, therefore, good sports news in Hockey, Volleyball, Archery, Fencing, and Martial Arts, is being eagerly awaited.

Co-correcular Achivements

Som Gurukul lays lots of emphasis on the all-round development of students therefore regular classes are held for co-curricular activities. Interested students are motivated to participate in district/state or national competitions. Students have bought laurels by winning at different levels in different competitions.

  • Pride of Nation award at House of London UK- 2018 for Empowering Rural Women through sports.
  • Haryana Gaurav Award by Rashtriya Shiksha Samiti – 2019
  • Best Teacher award in district by SOF – 2017
  • Best Vedic Maths National Award in New Delhi at NRI function – 2015